You can feel better now! Relax. Heal. Release anxiety and stress. These original MP3's are mainstream and therapeutic, not mystical. Below are some of the most popular:  

  Drift into healthy, deep sleep.  33 min.

  Allow your subconscious to direct healthy choices.  Visualize and become the new you.  26 min.

   Travel to your own private place of wellness.  31 min.

  Relax into the space between waking and sleeping, allowing the body to relax, recharge, and integrate.  This time-honored, easy practice is recommended by the U.S. military for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  26 min.

  Ahhh..... Hike the trails of the beautiful desert and swim in a turquoise pool.  27 min.

  Learn how to gain release and win happiness.  24 min.

Guided visualizations use pleasant, significant images that, through repetition, create new neural networks in the brain. This re-trains the mind for happiness and success. You can do this. Listen today!