Feel Better Today!  Solve the problem that is troubling you! Relax. Heal. Release anxiety and stress. My original, professional recordings excel in guided imagery.  Soothing female voice, low background music. Mainstream, not mystical.  Positive, not negative.  Do you want to feel good?  Give yourself this gift - listen today!  Below are a few of our most popular MP3s:  

  Drift into healthy, deep sleep.  Turn off the chatter.  Enjoy imagery that will grant you restful, quiet, wonderful sleep.  33 min.

  The easy way to lose weight and feel good.  Allow your subconscious to direct healthy choices.  Visualize and become the new you.  26 min.

   Travel to your own private place of wellness, tools for healing and recovery, and perfect peace and quiet.  Your body knows how to heal.  Let it happen.  31 min.

  Relax into the space between waking and sleeping, allowing the body to relax, recharge, and integrate.  This time-honored, easy practice is recommended by the U.S. military for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Learn it in the privacy of your own home.  26 min.

  Ahhh..... Hike the trails of the beautiful desert and swim in a turquoise pool.  27 min.

  Learn how to release yourself.  24 min.

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Our mission is to provide the help you need, quickly, inexpensively, and professionally.  From my heart to yours!  - Amy at SGV